Electric cargobike

Three-wheeled cargobike with electric assistance from Ecoride. Stable and well equipped - Perfect for a wonderful trip to the beach. With room for 4 children, you get most of it. Central engine with strong assistance. 5 gears.

Suitable for people with a length of 165 - over 190 cm.

5 assistance levels.
Range: approx. 80km (much depending on what load you have)

Charging time: approx. 3h
Charger included.

510 kr / En dag

490 kr / More than one day

2450 kr / Week

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In case of theft he lessee is liable to pay for the loss of a bike, cart or other equipment up to its full value. In case the lessee has bought a special “theft protection” when pick-up of the vehicle, lessee will only have to pay an excess, which is 350 SEK for a standard bike.

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